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Born: 1956 Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Graduated from Myers Park High School, Charlotte, NC, 1975
  • Freshman Scholarship, The Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA, 1975-1976
  • G.PA. Honors, The Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA, 1976-1977
  • Katy Lynch Davidson Cummings Memorial Scholarship, The Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. School of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, 1980-1981
  • Bachelor of Arts equivalent, Painting Major, Printmaking Minor, Atlanta College of Art (Atlanta, GA),
  • Glassell School of Art (Houston, TX), University of Houston (Houston, TX)
  • Art teacher, The Museum of Fine Arts Older Adult Program, Houston, TX, 1980-1981
  • Teacher/Lecturer, “The Business of Art” Seminar, sponsored by Central Piedmont
  • Community College, Charlotte, NC, 1983
  • Focus Group Participant, Charlotte Cultural Study Commission, Charlotte, NC, 1989
  • Publications: Charlotte Observer, Observer Break Magazine, Charlotte Magazine
  • 1993-94 Charlotte Arts & Science Council Emerging Artist Grant


Able, Inc., Mr. Revel Bellany, Charlotte, NC
Delta Airlines, Denver, CO
First Union National Bank, Charlotte, NC
Spectrum Properties, Charlottc, NC
Stockholders Systems, Inc., Atlanta, CA
The Tower Club, First Union Plaza, Charlotte, NC

Motte Thomas – 1983


Motte Thomas – Today

In my own Words

1980~ Fresh out of Art College and plunging head first into Professional Photography, I still found time to pursue my beloved art. These first “non academic” works would prove the beginnings of my experiments with heated wax mediums ( encaustic ) and new drawing techniques derived from my college experiences. These were to become the basis of my vocabulary and style that would prove to persist throughout my career.

1990~ Becoming solidified with the chosen encaustic wax mediums and a confident drawing style in place, I was able to turn my attention and intentions towards a much greater sophistication of subject matter and expanded compositions. The early part and up into the mid decade of the 90s proved to be my most prolific, so far. It was during this explosion of creativity that I also began to rediscover my long lost early printmaking experiences and began to toy around with some basic printmaking that lulled in the back ground and waited until the current 2010 decade to re emerge completely.

2000~ It was during this time that my priorities shifted to family life and although I was still working in a limited capacity most all of my attention was drawn towards focusing on the raising of my two beloved children and family life. It was not until later in this decade that I was able to focus again and begin to re emerge. This was a time when I engaged in more printmaking and strengthened my drawing style and painting mediums had fully matured into what it is today.

2010~  With the strength and confidence of the proud ” Toros De Bravado”, I have re entered the unforgiving and brutal bull rink of the art world. Charging into a fully committed comeback, unbridled energy and solid direction, mostly due to the wonderful support of my loved ones and much appreciated art patrons 

2014~ I presented my latest works in my July 2014 Exhibition at the Santa Fe Culinary Academy Curated by Kristin Johnson.

But wait! That’s just the start, please continue to watch and behold as I transform my studio into an Art Rocket Ship, set explore the unknown Universe of  cosmically creative new worlds of Art works beyond the scope of anyone’s imagination! The sky isn’t even the limit, I’m shooting for the stars, FULL SPEED AHEAD! ~ Motte Thomas